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Lingerie Marijke

address Westerstraat 132, Enkhuizen

Lingerie Marijke is one of the largest specialist lingerie stores in the Netherlands. Lingerie Marijke has lingerie for ...

category binnenstadfashionkleding

City prison

address Zwaanstraat 1, Enkhuizen

Next to the city hall in Enkhuizen is the city prison: a tall, narrow building that is oddly crooked due to subsidence. ...

category gebouwgevangenismonument

Köster Sails

address Paktuinen 25c, Enkhuizen

Köster Sails specializes in the manufacture of high quality sailmakers products such as tube caps, decks, back tents, a...

category watersportzeilzeilmakerij

Ferry Urk-Enkhuizen

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

The cozy passenger ship De Zuiderzee sails a regular service to Urk in the summer months and vice versa. From about the ...

category bootdagjeuitdagtocht

Dubbel & Dwars

address Venedie 5, Enkhuizen

At Dubbel & Dwars you can enjoy fine cuisine and carefully selected wines or specialty beers.

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

Nooit Volmaeckt

address De Trompet 19 j, Enkhuizen

Come aboard the two-masted clipper Nooit Volmaeckt for a fantastic sailing trip.

category groepsaccommodatiegroepsaccommodatiesklipper

Galery Onopgemerkte Schatten

address Westerstraat 124, Enkhuizen

Galery Onopgemerkte Schatten is a shop and a nice learning place as well. The shop offers an inspiring environment with ...

category binnenstadcadeaucadeaus

Lady Victoria

address Havenweg 3, Enkhuizen

Sailing yacht Lady Victoria offers all the necessary facilities for groups up to 10 people and is ideal for both trips o...

category schipvarenzeilen

Cultural Centre De Drommedaris

address Paktuinen 1, Enkhuizen

De Drom offers a lively stage in all facets of the cultural field in Enkhuizen and the surrounding area that connects, i...

category cinemacultureelcentrumcultuur

B&B De Linde

address Melkbon 10, Enkhuizen

B&B De Linde is a fine residence situated near the Streekbos recreation forest on the outskirts of the historic city...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast


address Tussen Twee Havens 11, Enkhuizen

At Tussen Twee Havens 11 in Enkhuizen is a beautiful former State warehouse designed by Ir. V.J.P. Kuffeler's Blocq. By ...

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

Domino’s Pizza Enkhuizen

address Venedie 11, Enkhuizen

Order your pizza via Domino's and follow your order to deliver your pizza to your home. Handmade fresh pizzas | Unique d...

category binnenstaddinerdineren

Het Streekbos

address Veilingweg 1, Bovenkarspel

The Streekbos offers many extensive recreational opportunities: swimming in the swimming lake, lazing on the beach, cycl...

category actiefbosfietsen

Hoedenmuseum Zet ‘m op

address Hornpad 11, Andijk

In this museum, Wil Gorter opens her hat collection of approximately 400 hats to the public.

category museum


address Patershof 4, Enkhuizen

This special concert hall has emerged from the activities of the Society established

Station Enkhuizen

address Stationsplein , Enkhuizen

The monumental station building dates from 1885, the year when the Enkhuizen-Hoorn railway line was taken. The waterfron...

Charity shop De Baanbreker

address Harpstraat 3-5, Enkhuizen

In this thrift store you will find second-hand, vintage items, crockery, clothing and books. Second-hand furniture is re...

category binnenstadkringloopwinkelkringloopwinkels


address Clarissenplaats 2, Enkhuizen

Available at the following shops: Deen (in the city center): Clarissenplaats 2 Primera (in the city center): Westerstraa...

Het Eendenmuseum

address Gedeputeerde laanweg 43, Andijk

A museum fun for young and old! In the Duck Museum you will find a wealth of history about the world-famous car: the duc...

category museum

Bottleship Museum

address Zuiderspui 1, Enkhuizen

A unique museum in Westfriesland is the 'Flessenscheepjes Museum' in Enkhuizen. This museum is located in the beautiful ...

category binnenstadcultuurdagjeuit

Shoeby Enkhuizen

address Westerstraat 126, Enkhuizen

Het team van personal shoppers staat voor je klaar om die stoere, casual of chique outfit te vinden. Bij Shoeby Enkhuize...

category binnenstadfashionkleding

Karsten Travelstore

Karsten Travelstore is a large camping and outdoor store in Zwaag. And by big, we really mean big: more than 10,000 m² ...

category campeercampeerspullencamperen

Andijk Jacht Verhuur

address NIeuwe Haven 5, Andijk

Andijk Zeiljacht Verhuur is a family business that has existed for over 25 years and you are assured of excellent servic...

category bootverhuur

Doopsgezinde vermaning

address Venedie 17, Enkhuizen

The Mennonite church is of architectural-historical value: it is a representative example of a neo-Renaissance church.

category kerkmonument

De Nieuwe Doelen

address Spoorstraat 2, Enkhuizen

De Nieuwe Doelen is the most versatile accommodation in the center of Enkhuizen. Whether it is a performance of an assoc...

category feestpartijenvergaderen

Van Stek Yachting

address Spoorstraat 1, Enkhuizen

If you decide to sell your boat, ship or yacht, it is nice if the sale goes well. Van Stek Yachting is happy to help you...


address Westerstraat 105, Enkhuizen

For the customers, she is recognized as the trusted store in the neighborhood with a unique combination of products and ...

category binnenstadgemakwinkelkrantenwinkel

Workshop Footpainting

address Kadijkweg 65a, Lutjebroek

Immortalize your footprint and create a beautiful painting with the brush between your toes! A fun workshop for all ages...

B&B De Roos

address Wijk 1-44, Enkhuizen

At B&B De Roos in Urk you imagine yourself in the past, but with the modern conveniences of today. This B&B is l...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Compagnieshaven Enkhuizen

address Compagnieshaven 7, Enkhuizen

This very cozy harbor, close to the historic center, accommodates around 700 yachts and has all the amenities needed to ...

category havenhavengeldligplaats

Playground Kindervreugde

address Wagenaarstraat 1, Enkhuizen

The nostalgic children's playground is located on the edge of Enkhuizen's old town. In the playground you will find a mi...

category binnenstadmolenspeeltuin

Groot Weeshuis Enkhuizen

address Westerstraat 109, Enkhuizen

Orphanage Enkhuizen is a group accommodation in a beautiful monumental building, in the middle of the historic city cent...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesgroepsaccommodatie

Pakhuis 62

address Dijk 62, Enkhuizen

At Pakhuis 62 you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in an attractive environment at the Old Harbor of Enkhuizen.

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

Townhall Enkhuizen

address Hoogstraat 11, Enkhuizen

The townhall in the city center of Enkhuizen. You can visit the townhall most of the time without an apointment.

category gemeente

Meiden van de Wit

address Westerstraat 60, Enkhuizen

Are you looking for something beautiful for yourself, for your baby or for a special gift? Then you have come to the rig...

category binnenstadfashionkinderen

‘t Ankertje Eat & Drink

address Dijk 6, Enkhuizen

The terrace of 't Ankertje Eten & Drinken is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Enkhuizen, with a view of...

category barbinnenstadborrel

Onder de Wester

address Westerstraat 113, Enkhuizen

Be surprised and inspired in the beautifully restored restaurant: a 16th century national monument with an authentic-con...

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

De Gouwe Droom

address De Gouw 11, Bovenkarspel

In the De Gouwe Droom holiday home you can spend time with family or friends.

category accommodatieaccommodatiesgroepsaccommodatie

Baltus Harbourshop

address Havenweg 9, Enkhuizen

Baltus Havenwinkel is the nicest harbor shop on the outer harbor of Enkhuizen, close to the harbor office, the Drommedar...

category fashionhavenkleding

Climbingpark Streekbos

address Veilingweg 21, Bovenkarspel

Climbing Park Streekbos is an Eco Climbing Park located in the recreation area Het Streekbos of the same name. It is a s...

category actief

Patisserie Aurélie

address De Traanbok 2W, Enkhuizen

Gastronomische patisserie met een unieke touch! Ambachtelijke bonbons, macarons, taarten, confiserie, desserts en andere...

Bulb Camper route

address De Gouw 11, Bovenkarspel

Drive with your campervan a route past various flower growers and stay for the night. The ultimate flower and bulb exper...

category campercamperencamping

Group accommodation De Appelhoek

address Zuiderdijk 46 46, Wijdenes

Located directly along the West Frisian Omringdijk on the Markermeer, the former IJsselmeer/Zuiderzee, De Appelhoek offe...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesgroepsaccommodatie

Harbour cruise

address Spoorstraat 10-14, Enkhuizen

Enjoy a pleasant and beautiful cruise through the picturesque harbors of Enkhuizen. The city is characterized by its uni...

category gezinhavenhavens

Fietsverhuur Dekker Tweewielers

address Torenstraat 10, Enkhuizen

Dekker Tweewielers has been an expert in the field of bicycles and everything that comes with it for 90 years.

category binnenstadfietsenfietsverhuur

Café de Paus

address Pieter Janszoon Jongstraat 96, Lutjebroek
category borrelborrelencafe

Holland Sail

address Stationsplein 3, Enkhuizen

You can sail at Holland Sail! Holland Sail is a booking agency for sailing passenger ships that sail on the Wadden Sea, ...

Elements Yoga & Retreats

address Paktuinen 23-b, Enkhuizen

Elements Yoga & Retreats is a young company, located in the old city center of Enkhuizen. Elements Yoga consists of ...

category gezondmeditatiestudio

Het Monumentje

address Bagijnestraat 4, Enkhuizen

Het Monument is a house in the center of Enkhuizen where you can enjoy the beautiful Zuiderzee town with two people. You...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbinnenstad

Madame LIZ

address Westerstraat 29, Enkhuizen

Madame LIZ is een damesmodewinkel in de hoofdwinkelstraat van Enkhuizen. 90% van de items ontwerpen zij zelf onder de na...

category binnenstadfashionkleding

Villavakantiepark IJsselhof

address Proefpolder 4-720, Andijk

In a beautiful blooming environment in Andijk, North Holland, “Villavakantiepark IJsselhof” is located in a pictures...

category overnachten

B&B De Windbruid

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

The Windbruid is a traditional sailing ship where you can spend the night in the winter months (1 November to 31 March)....

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Studio 91 aan de gracht

address Zuider Havendijk 91, Enkhuizen

This two-person holiday home is located on one of the most beautiful canals in Enkhuizen. The owner lives in the house o...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesovernachten

Photo & Zo

address Vijzelstraat 52, Enkhuizen

At Photo & Zo you can go for all your photo matters, both private and photographer. Photo & Zo provides 1 hour p...

category binnenstadfotofotoboek

Citywalk Enkhuizen

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen is a city with a rich history. Within the old ramparts you will find no fewer than 366 national monuments, eac...

category boekjelopendoorenkhuizenstadswandeling

De Oude Gouwsboom

address Vest 2, Enkhuizen

The fortress in Enkhuizen has two water gates. One of them is the Oude Gouwsboom. The Oude Gouwsboom is a historic water...

category forthistorischmonument

Droompark Enkhuizer Beach

address Immerhornweg 15, Enkhuizen

Droompark Enkhuizer Beachis in a prime location right on the water with a sandy beach. Enjoy the beautiful view while en...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbungalow

B&B 123

address Hoofdstraat 123, Bovenkarspel

This beautiful B&B in Bovenkarspel is fully equipped. TV, Wifi, air conditioning, kitchen, private toilet and shower...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Hema Enkhuizen

address Westerstraat 123, Enkhuizen

There is always something new at the Hema. At this department store you can find everything you need. From clothes to ca...

category binnenstadgemakwinkelshop

IVN West-Friesland

address Veilingweg 21a, Bovenkarspel

At IVN, working on a healthy environment is central. In this context, all kinds of nature activities are organized for y...

category educatieexcursieskinderen

Rondje West-Friesland

address Stationsplein 2, Enkhuizen

Pick your own walk during a beautiful bike ride!

category actieffietsfietsen


address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

During this tour around the former Zuiderzee - now the IJsselmeer - you will experience the rich history of what is also...

Chez Bob

address Hoofdstraat 334, Bovenkarspel

Chez Bob is a cozy B&B in Bovenkarspel. This B&B has 3 rooms with private bathroom. The rooms are equipped with ...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

De Logerie

address De Gouw 46e, Enkhuizen

Experience the peace and wealth of the West Frisian countryside combined with Burgundian hospitality at De Logerie.

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

De Gouwe Stek

address De Gouw 11, Bovenkarspel

With us you will experience ultimate conviviality in the middle of nature! There is room for everyone: campers, caravans...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Holland House

address Westerstraat 100, Enkhuizen

Holland House is located in the historic center of Enkhuizen. Here you will find nice souvenirs such as clogs of all sha...

category binnenstadshopshoppen

Campsite Dijk en Meer

address Proefpolder 4, Andijk

Green and quiet family campsite on the IJsselmeer. In the area many opportunities for water sports and beautiful bike ri...

category accommodatieaccommodatiescamping

TuinGoed Bonatèr

address Burgemeester J. Zijpweg 5, Venhuizen

TuinGoed Bonatèr is a young, organic market garden in the West Frisian village of Venhuizen. Near the IJsselmeerdijk, b...

category accommodatieaccommodatiescamping

Van Stek Yachting

address Spoorstraat 1, Enkhuizen

If you decide to sell your boat, ship or yacht, it is nice if the sale goes well. Van Stek Yachting is happy to help you...

category haven

Fruitkwekerij ‘t Keetje

address Kadijkweg 65a, Lutjebroek

Fruit nursery 't Keetje consists of a small fruit nursery where you can pick fruit yourself, depending on the season.

category cafedrinkendrinkgelegenheden

Deo Annuente

address t/o Havenweg 4, Enkhuizen

Enjoy a holiday on the water! A special experience: staying on the former fishing vessel Deo Annuente [EH 1] in the harb...

category bootvaren

Guesthouse Goditi la vita

address De Hout 30a, Hem

All you have to do in this house is relax, enjoy and make memories. This stylish guesthouse, on an idyllic dead-end stre...

category hotelovernachten

De Sprong Ladiesfashion

address Westerstraat 125, Enkhuizen

In the beautiful monumental building of the West Frisian Munt you will find De Sprong Exclusive Ladies Fashion. At De Sp...

category binnenstadfashionkleding

Orbit Electronic

address Westerstraat 33, Enkhuizen

Orbit Electronic is specialized in the repair and sale of laptops and computers and the assembly of Game / Desktop PCs. ...

category apparaatapparatenbinnenstad


address Kleingouw 112, Andijk

Vishandel Visser

address Tussen Twee Havens 7, Enkhuizen

Close to the railway station and between the ports of Enkhuizen you will find Vishandel Visser. The cozy square at the V...

category binnenstaddinerdineren

Sheep farm De Schapenstreek

address De Gouw 57a, Lutjebroek

The Schapenstreek in Lutjebroek is an organic dairy and care farm. Moor your boat and enjoy a delicious organic ice crea...

category boerderijetenijs


address Bierkade (werkplaats) 1, Enkhuizen

SailWise offers several multi-day holidays for people with disabilities. Together with professional staff and well-train...

category actiefbeperkingmindervaliden

Het Wapen van Enkhuizen

address Breedstraat 59, Enkhuizen

The family hotel Het Wapen van Enkhuizen is located in the historic city center next to the town hall where you can spen...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbinnenstad

Nautisch Enkhuizen

address Compagniehaven 7, Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen has a great deal in its maritime navy area: from new to small maintenance, from boat to mega yacht, from diese...

Kreeft Auto & Service

address Kruitmolen 11, Enkhuizen

Kreeft Auto & Service is the address for a reliable and affordable used car dealer.

Joosten Watersport

address Compagnieshaven 1, Enkhuizen

Joosten watersport is the address for water sports amenities, leisure wear, technical clothing, shoes and boots, skike's...

category binnenstadgasfleskleding

The town hall

address Breedstraat , Enkhuizen

The imposing town hall is a model of the large, prosperous city that Enkhuizen was in the Golden Age. It was built in 16...

category bezienswaardighedenbezienswaardigheidgoudeneeuw


address Paktuinen 1, Enkhuizen

The Drommedaris, or Chain Gate, was built in 1540 as a city gate, part of the city wall that surrounded Enkhuizen at the...

category bezienswaardighedenbezienswaardigheidgoudeneeuw

Zusje van Tierlantijn

address Westerstraat , Enkhuizen

Opened in 2018 and a success from the start. The little sister of Tierlantijn Wonen.

category binnenstadfashionkleding

Visitor center Hertenkamp Enkhuizen

address Wilhelminaplantsoen 2, Enkhuizen

The Hertenkamp Enkhuizen visitor center is located in a unique location on the edge of the city of Enkhuizen and the IJs...

category bezoekerscentrumdrinkendrinkgelegenheden

Beauty Salon Divera

address Van Bleiswijkstraat 68, Enkhuizen

Beauty Salon Divera has been a trusted address in Enkhuizen for 26 years wellness treatments and skin therapy. The salon...

category binnenstadhuidschoonheid


address Waagstraat 1, Enkhuizen

The Waag building in Enkhuizen shows an image of the early Renaissance in the northern Netherlands. Even the original we...

category monument

Blotevoetenpad Gouwe Voeten

address De Gouw 11, Bovenkarspel

What could be more fun than walking with your bare feet? Get back in touch with your body and the earth.

category actiefnatuurpad


address Veilingweg 21, Bovenkarspel

At IJgenweis Eat & Drink in the Streekbos you step into a trendy restaurant with a great view and a fantastic terrac...

category dinerdinerendrinken

Heksen en tovenaars

address Veilingweg 21, Bovenkarspel

B&B De Drie Brooden

address Zesstedenweg 99, Grootebroek

You have a living space of 21m2 in the garden house, a covered shaded terrace overlooking the pond and garden and a larg...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Pizzeria de Renato

address Westerstraat 139, Enkhuizen

Pizzeria da Renato has been a household name in West Friesland for years. That is not without reason: Renato uses real I...

category binnenstadcafediner

De Mastenbar

address Compagnieshaven 3, Enkhuizen

You will find the Mastenbar in the always pleasant Compagnieshaven.

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

Vishandel van der Veen

address Bocht 1, Enkhuizen

Fishrestaurant Van der Veen can be found in a monumental building in one of the most beautiful and oldest streets of Enk...

category binnenstaddinerdineren

Sailyboat Sail Experience

address Compagnieshaven 7, Enkhuizen

Sailyboat Sail Experience sails all year round and therefore also offers sailing trips in the winter. Sailing in the win...

category vaartochtvarenzeil

Decokay Bloemendaal

address Sint Janstraat 32 - 34, Enkhuizen

Make your home a home with the professionals of Decokay Bloemendaal. An optimal result for inside and outside. Thanks to...

category binnenstadhandelinterieur

Aan de Veste

address Noordergracht 56 , Enkhuizen

We are Martijn and Debby and we started our B&B in Enkhuizen on December 1, 2015.

category Hotels

Zeilschip Abel Tasman

address Tussen twee havens 1, Enkhuizen

Vaar een dag mee met Partyschip Abel Tasman: zeilen op het IJsselmeer of de Waddenzee is een onvergetelijke ervaring. On...

Strandpaviljoen Enkhuizen

address Kooizandweg , Enkhuizen

The Strandpaviljoen Enkhuizen is a cozy family restaurant and is located directly on the IJsselmeer. The Beach Pavilion ...

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

Hotel Snouck van Loosen

address Spoorstraat 3, Enkhuizen

Experience our 4-star hotel in the heart of Enkhuizen. Newly opened! From your room a view of one of the most beautiful ...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbinnenstad

Cinema Enkhuizen

address Paktuinen 1, Enkhuizen

In the striking Drommedaris van Enkhuizen you will find Cinema Enkhuizen on the second floor. Cinema Enkhuizen shows a c...

category bioscoopfilmfilmavond

Het Station Enkhuizen

address Stationsplein 2, Enkhuizen

The Enkhuizen Station where quality and service come first! Come enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, a snack or a drink in ...

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

Fifth Avenue Fashion

address Westerstraat 118, Enkhuizen

Fifth Avenue Fashion is a women's fashion store for fashionable exclusive clothing, special shoes and boots, eye-catchin...

category binnenstadfashionkleding

Lighthouse De Ven

address Oosterdijk 6, Enkhuizen

Lighthouse De Ven is a white square brick lighthouse an the IJsselmeerdijk in the village of Oosterdijk, only four kilom...

category bezienswaardigheidhistorischmonument


address De Dolfijn 2a, Enkhuizen

In the restaurant there are facilities such as a children's corner and wireless internet. At the McDonald's in Enkhuizen...

category cafedinerdineren

B&B De Houten Uil

address Havenweg 24, Enkhuizen

B&B de Houten Uil is located in a characteristic mansion, located on the harbor, within walking distance (150 meters...

category bedandbreakfast

Holiday home Aan de Kade

address Kade 26B, Enkhuizen

Beautiful holiday home on the 1st floor (105m2) in a quiet and one of the most beautiful locations of the historic city ...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbinnenstad

Suydersee Hotel

address Koltermanstraat 7, Enkhuizen

The Suydersee Hotel offers a wide range of accommodation options. In addition to apartments and hotel rooms, there are a...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesappartement

Brouwerij De Werf

address Paktuinen 6, Enkhuizen

At Brouwerij De Werf they brew delicious beers and life is celebrated in this café.

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

De Librije

address Westerstraat 138, Enkhuizen

The Netherlands has only one seventeenth-century city library that has been preserved at its original location. That is ...

category bibliotheekboekboeken

Dirk de Wit Fashion

address Hoofdstraat 224, Bovenkarspel

Dirk de Wit is a family business in Bovenkarspel with a warm and cozy atmosphere and 74 years of experience in women's a...

category fashionkledingretail


address Kooizandweg 9, Enkhuizen

Sprookjeswonderland is a fairytale park for families or grandpa and grandma with grandchildren. In Sprookjeswonderland y...

category attractieattractiesdagjeuit

Rondvaart Enkhuizen

address Oude Gracht 1, Enkhuizen

.From the water you have a beautiful view of Enkhuizen. The city knows many historic canals and ditches that connected t...

category bootgezingrachten

B&B Tante Roosje

address Heiligeweg 21, Enkhuizen

Bed and Breakfast Tante Roosje is gevestigd midden in boerenhoek van Enkhuizen, op een steenworp afstand van de historis...

Pour Vous Francaise

address De Middend 176-180, Bovenkarspel

Etos is one of the largest drugstore chains in the Netherlands. Etos has an extensive range in the field of beauty, heal...

category kopenluchtjeparfum

HSV Ons Genoegen

address Het Witte Hert , Enkhuizen

Camping De Vest

address Noorderweg 31, Enkhuizen

The campsite De Vest is located near the oldtown of Enkhuizen and within walking distance of the train station. A small,...

category accommodatieaccommodatiescamping

Happy Sailing

address Tussen twee havens 1, Enkhuizen

We zijn gespecialiseerd in het verhuren van zeiljachten tussen de 30 en 50 voet. Met name aan het IJsselmeer maar ook aa...

Ferry Enkhuizen-Stavoren

address Tritondam 1, Enkhuizen

The comfortable saloon ship 'Bep Glasius' sails to Stavoren and vice versa. The start of a pleasant cycling holiday or a...

category bepglasiusdagjeuitdagtocht

Top 1 Toys

address Westerstraat 103, Enkhuizen

You can visit Top 1 Toys for toys, gifts, jewelry, outdoor toys, books, games and more. The toy store is located in the ...

category binnenstadshopshoppen

Interactive Museum Sow to Grow

address Westerstraat 111, Enkhuizen

The visitor to this experience is introduced to plant breeding in an interactive way and experiences its enormous impact...

category binnenstadcultuurdagjeuit

de Garden

address Randweg N505 , Enkhuizen

The Garden is the garden for flowers, vegetables and herbs in the beautiful nature of Enkhuizen.

category bloemengardengroente

Beauty therapist Sparkle4All

address Zuider Havendijk 91-A, Enkhuizen

Beauty therapist.

category huidschoonheidschoonheidsspecialist

Tierlantijn Wonen

address Westerstraat 43-45, Enkhuizen

Tierlantijn Wonen has been a household name in West Friesland since 1979.

category binnenstadmeubelmeubels

Atelier Reudenroos

address De Drie Kronen 5, Enkhuizen

Eelco van Roden and Isabel Vicente work in all segments of fine, traditional woodworking. They specialize in the restora...

category atelierkunstkunstenaar

De Boerenboom

address Vest , Enkhuizen

The fortress wall was designed by the Alkmaar mayor Adriaan Anthonisz and is an example of the so-called old Dutch fortr...

category historischmonumentmonumenten

80 Seafood & Wine

address Dijk 48, Enkhuizen

Eat, Drink & Laugh! At this cozy restaurant on the harbor of Enkhuizen you can enjoy delicious fish dishes and fresh...

category binnenstadborrelborrelen


address Wierdijk 17, Enkhuizen

The former VOC warehouse The Peperhuis is part of the inner museum of the Zuiderzeemuseum. It is the oldest building of ...

category goudeneeuwenkhuizen

Snouck van Loosenpark

address Snouck van Loosenpark 1, Enkhuizen

The Snouck of Loosenpark is one of Enkhuizen's most beautiful spots, full of tranquility and greenery. It is located nex...

category monumentmonumentenpark

Sailingboat The Schuttevaer

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

Sail with the authentic sailing ship De Schuttevaer and experience a wonderful day on the water!

category arrangementegroepenIJsselmeer

B&B Villa Enkhuizen

address Snouck van Loosenpark 1, Enkhuizen

Ingrid welcomes you to her listed city villa from 1894 with the unique Zwanenhuis. Villa Enkhuizen enjoys a magnificent ...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Butcher Hans Joosten

address Melkmarkt 10, Enkhuizen

At butcher Hans Joosten you can go for delicious products. Whether it's a pure piece of meat, the finest meats, the best...

category binnenstadshopshoppen

The municipal ports

address Havenweg 3, Enkhuizen

The municipal harbors of Enkhuizen have three mooring locations for pleasure craft: Buitenhaven, Binnenhaven and Oosterh...

category boothavenhavens

Tattoostudio Enkhuizen

address Vijzelstraat 40, Enkhuizen

A tattoo is often a memory or story of something or someone. Placing a tattoo is like putting on a piece of jewelry. A j...

category binnenstadkunstpiercing

Recreatiebedrijf Wat Aars

address Nes 204, Wervershoof

Wat Aars is located in the municipality of Medemblik and has a beautifully landscaped new mini golf park, a good startin...

category golfgolfenkids

Herberg De Compagnie

address Spoorstraat 10-14, Enkhuizen

On the ground floor of Herberg De Compagnie is a café-restaurant where specialty beer and good food are combined. The h...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesborrel

VVV Enkhuizen e.o.

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

At VVV Enkhuizen you can find information about sights, museums, excursions, bicycle and hiking maps, city walks, books,...

category vvv

Hotel De Halve Maan

address Hoofdstraat 264, Bovenkarspel

The 31 rooms are cozy and non-smoking. Each room has its own laundry facilities, toilet, shower / bath and hairdryer. In...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesborrel

De Woeste Hoogte

address Peperstraat 38, Bovenkarspel
category borrelborrelencafe

Naviduct Krabbersgat

address Zijlweg 1, Enkhuizen

The Krabbersgat naviduct is the first naviduct in the world. The naviduct is located at Enkhuizen in the Houtribdijk and...

category bezienswaardigheidmonumentmonumenten

Jachthaven Andijk

address Nieuwe Haven 1, Andijk

If you want to enjoy sailing on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea, Andijk Marina is a wonderful base.

category haven

Oogwereld Van der Klei

address Westerstraat 41, Enkhuizen

Oogwereld Van der Klei wants to offer their customers the best eye care.

category binnenstadbrilbrillen

Taxi Westfriesland

address De Tocht 6, Bovenkarspel

Van der Linden-Van Sprankhuizen

address De Dolfijn 6, Enkhuizen

The name Van der Linden-Van Sprankhuizen is synonymous with reliability, high quality and excellent service in the purch...

category autoautoverhuurbus

EuroParcs Resort Markermeer

address Zuiderdijk 1b, Bovenkarspel

EuroParcs Resort Markermeer stands for real Dutch history. Today, the resort is the holiday destination for the holidaym...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbungalowpark

La Vie en Rose

address Westerstraat 52, Enkhuizen

La Vie en Rose Damesmode: the place for stylish clothing in Enkhuizen Are you looking for trendy clothing from the best ...

category binnenstadfashionkleding


address Zuiderspui 1, Enkhuizen

This former lockkeeper's house was built above the passage to the Zuiderhaven. It contains the lifting mechanism of the ...

category bezienswaardighedenbezienswaardigheidflessenscheepjesmuseum

Theater Het Postkantoor

address Hoofdstraat 17, Bovenkarspel

Het Postkantoor is located in a monumental building in the heart of the municipality of Stede Broec in West Friesland. H...

category bioscoopcultuurkunst


address Paktuinen 1, Enkhuizen

Drombar is the place to escape from everyday life. Enjoy signature cocktails, fine wines, delicious beers and tasty appe...

category barbinnenstadborrel

Nooit Gedacht

address Westerstraat 51-53, Enkhuizen

A nice address in the main street of Enkhuizen for a cup of coffee, milkshake or ice cream. But one can also enjoy a com...

category binnenstadbistrocafe

Nelly’s B&B

address 't Wuiver 2B, Wijdenes

Nelly's B&B is located in a beautiful farmhouse in the middle of the meadows.

category bed & breakfastbedandbreakfast

Suydersee Hotel

address Koltermanstraat 7, Enkhuizen

The Suydersee Hotel offers a wide range of accommodation options. In addition to apartments and hotel rooms, there are a...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesappartement

Slijterij De Dijk

address Dijk 38, Enkhuizen

In one of the most beautiful streets of Enkhuizen (de Dijk) you will find liquor store De Dijk.

category bierbinnenstadborrel

Recreatiebad Enkhuizerzand

address Kooizandweg 12, Enkhuizen

The beautiful swimming pool on the IJsselmeer is well-organized, child-friendly and wheelchair accessible, in short: a r...

category water

Label Noord

address Westerstraat 85, Enkhuizen

In September 2022, Label Noord opened its doors at Westerstraat 85. A stylish store with women's fashion, jewelry, city ...

category binnenstadfashionkleding

De Eendracht in Van Bleiswijk

address Westerstraat 84, Enkhuizen

Welkom bij De Eendracht in Van Bleiswijk, de ideale plek om te genieten van goed gezelschap en goed eten. Onze deuren st...

Bij N.A.P.

address Havenweg 4, Enkhuizen

You can come for a delicious cup of coffee in the early morning. Or to enjoy the sun, the silence or the beautiful old h...

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

Haven Wijdenes

The harbor of Wijdenes is located on the Zuiderdijk between Hoorn and Medemblik. It is a resting point during a day of s...

category haven


address Wilhelminaplantsoen 2, Enkhuizen

The Wilhelminaplantsoen is located within the ramparts of Enkhuizen.

category natuurnatuurtuinpark

B&B Orangerie

address Seyndersloot 1, Enkhuizen

The B&B consists of three parts: living, eating, sleeping and bathroom. From the B&B you have a nice view of the...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Museumstoomtram Hoorn-Medemblik

address Tritondam 5, Enkhuizen

The most exciting time travel with steam tram and boat!

category historischedriehoekmuseamuseum

Bakery Rood

address Westerstraat 81-83, Enkhuizen

Bakker Rood is located in the beautiful, old center of Enkhuizen. In the attractive shop you can see how all products in...

category bakkerbinnenstadbrood

Bed & Breakfast Enkhuizen

address Westerstraat 157, Enkhuizen

B&B Enkhuizen is situated in a monumental building in the historical center of Enkhuizen. The B&B has two double...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Reddingstation Wijdenes

address Het Wuijver 1a, Wijdenes

Wijdenes Rescue Station is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with two rescue boats to rescue and help people, anim...

category dienstverlening

B&B Koekelo(e)ren onder de Zuidertoren

address Zuiderkerksteeg 20, Enkhuizen

Koekelo(e)ren onder de Zuidertoren is situated within the fortress of the old town of Enkhuizen. The two-person bedroom ...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Happy Days

address Industrieweg 48a, Grootebroek

Happy Days has been successfully organizing various parties for years, such as children's parties, bachelor parties, wed...

category arrangementengroepen

Het Coffy-Huys

address Westerstraat 92, Enkhuizen

You will find the Coffy Huys in the pleasant city center of Enkhuizen. The beautiful facade alone makes you curious abou...

category cadeaucadeauschocolade

Harddraverijvereniging Enkhuizen

address Sijbrandsplein 3, Enkhuizen

Dragonfly Rib Events

address Jachthaven 1,

THE IJSSELMEER EXPERIENCE Experience, feel, enjoy! Encounter the natural elements and stimulate all your senses on the w...

category acquaticsports

Police station Stede Broec

address Industrieweg 35C, Grootebroek

Police station in Grootebroek.

Peter Grooney’s

address Stetse 36, Grootebroek

De Westfriese Omringdijkroute

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

This cycling route in the West Frisian Omringdijk is no less than 143 km long and can be completed in about 10 hours.

category fietsenrouteWFO

Staverse Poortje

address Wierdijk , Enkhuizen

In the sea wall on the Wierdijk is the frame, rebuilt in 1833, of a gate that used to be the connection between the dock...

Taxi 324040

address De Dolfijn 37f, Enkhuizen
category Taxitaxibedrijfvervoer

Bakery ‘t Broodhuys

address Westerstraat 76, Enkhuizen

At Real Bakker 't Broodhuys, quality is of paramount importance. That is why they are recognized Guild member and may ca...

category bakkerbakkerijbrood

Sgt. Pepper’s Jazz-Club

address Wierdijk 12, Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen is best known for its water sports, beautiful harbors, historic city center and museums, but is also famous fo...


address Westerstraat , Enkhuizen

The orphanage is located in the Westerstraat. The outbuilding looks old, but the facade is a copy. Materials from the ol...

Tjalkjacht Pelikaan

address Tussen Twee Havens Buitenhaven 1, Enkhuizen

Welcome aboard the tjalk yacht Pelikaan, a wonderful sailing "holiday home" with 6 spacious cabins, 2 showers, 2 toilets...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Zeilschool Zuiderzee

address Compagnieshaven 7, Enkhuizen

From picturesque Enkhuizen, Zuiderzee Sailing School offers a unique sailing experience on the IJsselmeer, the Markermee...

category ervaringstochtervaringstochtenleren


address Veilingweg 21b, Bovenkarspel

In the West Frisian town of Bovenkarspel there is a unique observatory with an excellently equipped observatory, an exhi...

category planeetplanetariumplaneten


address Westerstraat 69, Enkhuizen

The shop for stylish men's clothing with a large collection of EA7, Lacoste, Versace jeans, Iceberg & Armani jeans.

category binnenstadfashionkleding


address Zuiderkerksteeg 1, Enkhuizen

Protestant Municipality of Enkhuizen

category kerk

Bontekoe Reizen

address Oosterhavenstraat 92, Enkhuizen

With skippers Niels and Renee you experience Holland at its best! We take you along the most beautiful spots of the IJss...

category IJsselmeerklippertweemastklipper

Beautiful Enkhuizen

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

There is much to tell about the Golden Age in Enkhuizen, but even more to discover! There are dozens of monuments and sp...

category lopenstadswandelingwandelen

Shoppingcentre Streekhof

address Middend 34-36, Bovenkarspel

The Streekhof shopping center is located in the heart of Stede Broec. You can enjoy shopping here in the indoor shopping...

category aankopenalbertheijnblokker

Dé Slijterij van Enkhuizen

address Westerstraat 91, Enkhuizen

The Slijterij van Enkhuizen in the Westerstraat has an extensive range.

category alcoholbierbinnenstad

Recreatieschap West-Friesland

address De Middend 2, Bovenkarspel

West Friesland has a lot to offer in terms of landscape, nature and recreation.

category actief en sportiefactiviteit / activiteitenbuiten

Resort Markermeer

address Zuiderdijk 1b, Bovenkarspel

The flute ships used to pass by every day at this location in North Holland. They were on their way to the various tradi...

Villa Fridhem

address Westerbuurt 1606 AK, Venhuizen

Are you coming to explore Enkhuizen and the surrounding area with a group soon? Then immerse yourself in the luxury of V...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesgroepsaccommodatie


address Flevolaan 6, Enkhuizen

The Buyshaven is a sheltered and beautiful harbor in Enkhuizen. From the Markermeer, the Buyshaven is located beyond the...

category havenjachthavenmetdebootnaarenkhuizen

Enkhuizer Sport Centrum

address De Gouw 1, Enkhuizen

The Enkhuizer Sport Center is a versatile and unique sports and leisure center for many activities. The team of enthusia...

category fitnessgymsport

Dikke Mik

address H.J. Schimmelstraat 10, Enkhuizen

Dikke Mik is located in the historical city centre, near the old harbour of Enkhuizen. You can drink a beer, enjoy the d...

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

Cafe Bok

address Breedstraat 161, Enkhuizen

Café Bok is a beautiful authentic brown café with a modern twist on the harbor of Enkhuizen. Nautical props and origin...

category borrelendinerdineren

Teagarden De Libel

address Dijkweg 172, Andijk

Hidden in a nostalgic spot in Andijk you will find the beautiful tea garden De Libel. It is a place where you can enjoy ...

category drinkgelegenhedendrinkgelegenheidfietsen

B&B Het Molensteegje

address Molenweg 49, Andijk

Relax in our comfortable B&B and see what there is to do in beautiful West Friesland. A 10-minute walk from the IJss...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

Rijo Boatrental

address Pastoor Gielenstraat 16, Lutjebroek

Rijo Boat Rental is located in Lutjebroek. From this central point you can quickly reach polder Het Grootslag or nature ...

category bootverhuurkano

Vakantiepark Het Grootslag

address Proefpolder 4, Andijk

Holiday park Het Grootslag is located directly on the IJsselmeer and close to Andijk Marina and a sandy beach.

category activiteit / activiteitenvakantiepark

De Westfriese Munt

address Westerstraat 125, Enkhuizen

In the Westerstraat is the Munt ('coin'), the building where the VOC coins were struck. This happened alternately in Enk...

category bezienswaardighedenbezienswaardigheidhistorisch

Hertenkamp Enkhuizen kinderboerderij

address Wilhelminaplantsoen 2, Enkhuizen

Kom samen genieten van de liefste dieren van de kinderboerderij. Gratis toegankelijk. Het Hertenkamp is niet uit het bee...

category activiteitendiereneducatie

Hemony carillon

address Zuiderkerksteeg 1, Enkhuizen

The wealth in the Golden Age enabled the Municipality of Enkhuizen to purchase a precious Hemony carillon twice. In 1648...

category historischmonumentmonumenten

B&B Tante Bets

address Waaigat 6, Enkhuizen

Tante Bets B & B is situated in the old town of Enkhuizen right on the harbour. It has one double room. The house is...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbedandbreakfast

De Graaff van Enckhuysen

address Westerstraat 71, Enkhuizen

De Graaff van Enckhuysen is a specialty cheese and delicatessen shop, located in the historic city center of Enkhuizen.

category binnenstadkaaskaaswinkel

Enkhuizer Zand

address Kooizandweg 4, Enkhuizen

The Enkhuizerzand is a public recreation area for all residents. With a large beach, a park with holiday homes and a new...

category IJsselmeermeerstrand

Albert Heijn Supermarket

address Westerstraat 188, Enkhuizen

At Albert Heijn you can go for all your daily groceries. The supermarket is located in the city center of Enkhuizen.

category bakkerbinnenstadboodschappen

Enkhuizen Beleving

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen Experience is there for all your event and group outings. For a fun theme quiz, pub crawl or an exciting game ...

category arrangementengroepen

Snouck van Loosenhuis

address Dijk 36, Enkhuizen

The Snouck van Loosenhuis is a prominent town house on the Oude Haven in Enkhuizen. The 18th-century part is the former ...

category bezienswaardigheidhistorischmonument

De Vooroever

address Dijkweg 390, Andijk

Recreational area constructed outside the dike that extends to Andijk.

category activiteit / activiteitenbuitenbuitengebied

De Bonte Veer

address De Wielewaal 1, Enkhuizen

De Bonte Veer is a very cozy eatery and community center in Enkhuizen. Part of the staff consists of people with an inte...

category cafedrinkeneetcafe

Studio Anna Stringer

address Staaleversgracht 1, Enkhuizen

Anna Stringer is a sculpture & ornament cutter. She reconstructs lost carvings on the basis of photos or drawings, b...

category atelierkunst

Pannekoekbakkerij Houtlust

address De Hout 26a, Hem

Pannekoekbakkerij Houtlust vindt u in Hem, aan de doorgaande weg tussen Enkhuizen en Hoorn. Het interieur is gezellig ou...

category pannenkoekenrestaurant

Nature garden

address Wilhelminaplantsoen 2, Enkhuizen

Nature garden Hertenkamp Enkhuizen is located in the middle of the Wilhelminaplantsoen, within the fortress boundary of ...

category actiefbezoekerscentrumhertenkamp

Van Stek Watersport & Fun

address Spoorstraat 1, Enkhuizen

Van Stek Watersport & Fun rents out supboards from a beautiful location in the heart of Enkhuizen. Are you looking f...

category bootbootandbreakfastrondvaartsuppen

Nature trail Ecoproject Streekbos

address Veilingweg , Bovenkarspel

The Ecoproject is a part of the Streekbos where nature development is paramount. It consists of a lake, a toad pool and ...

category bosivnnatuur

De Enkhuizer Visafslag

address Havenweg 3b, Enkhuizen

The restaurant is located in the beautiful harbor area of Enkhuizen and has a terrace with a beautiful view over the IJs...

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

B&B de Streek

address Pieter Janszoon Jongstraat 12, Lutjebroek

Welcome to B & B De Regio, Strategically located between the historic cities of Enkhuizen and Hoorn. Apart from thes...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesand

De Overhaal

address Peperstraat 31, Bovenkarspel

The Overhaal in the harbor of Bovenkarspel is an important industrial monument. As early as the 17th century, barges fro...

category havenmonumentmonumenten

Die Port van Cleve

address Dijk 7478, Enkhuizen

Hotel Die Port van Cleve is located in the center of Enkhuizen on the inner harbor with a beautiful view of the Drommeda...

category accommodatiebinnenstadborrel


address Wierdijk 12, Enkhuizen

Are you looking for a special location for an event with family, customers, friends or colleagues? Almost anything is po...

category dagjeuithistorischenkhuizenmusea

Het Postkantoor

address Hoofdstraat 17, Bovenkarspel
category WFO


address Westerstraat 138, Enkhuizen

The Wester or St. Gomarus Church is counted among the 100 most beautiful national monuments in the Netherlands and is lo...

category expositiegoudeneeuwhistorisch

Zwembad de Kloet

address Raadhuislaan 8, Grootebroek

Come and swim in this cozy swimming pool.

Tea garden Hertenkamp Enkhuizen

address Wilhelminaplantsoen 1, Enkhuizen

In the tea garden of Hertenkamp Enkhuizen you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a delicious pastry or a small lunch. The eclect...

category appeltaartgezellighert

Zwembad de Weid

address Klamptweid 72, Andijk

At Swimming Pool De Weid there are three pools in which you can splash. Swim laps in the large pool or have fun in the r...

category activiteitbinnenzwembadbuitenzwembad

Auto Totaal Verhuur

address Industrieweg 15e, Grootebroek

Auto-totaal is een full service autobedrijf waar mobiliteit centraal staat. Dagelijks staat ons team klaar om u van dien...

category autoautoverhuurbus

WSV De Ven

address Markerwaarddijk 200, Enkhuizen

WSV De Ven is a water sports association and aims to make wake-boarding and water skiing accessible to all young and old...


address Westerstraat 95, Enkhuizen

Restaurant Lotus has one hundred seats, for business lunch, dinner or buffet. For individuals and businesses with a part...

category binnenstadcafechinees


address Westerstraat 44, Enkhuizen

Pluim offers sustainable alternatives for the things you do every day. They show how beautiful and fine sustainable prod...

category binnenstadduurzaamduurzaamheid

Visitor center Hertenkamp Enkhuizen

address Wilhelminaplantsoen 2, Enkhuizen

The Hertenkamp Enkhuizen visitor center is located in a unique location on the edge of the city of Enkhuizen and the IJs...

category cultuurdiereneducatie


address Wierdijk 12-22, Enkhuizen

In the Zuiderzee Museum you will find everything about life on and around the former Zuiderzee! Walk back in time along ...

Escape Tour Enkhuizen

address Westerstraat 294, Enkhuizen

With the Escape Tour Enkhuizen you delve into the story of the fanatical royal supporter and discover the nicest places ...

category groepenlopenroute

IJgenwijs Streekbos

address Veilingweg 21, Bovenkarspel

Enjoy fun activities and good food from the region with friends, family or colleagues. In the head of North Holland, bet...

category binnenstadborrelborrelen

Restaurant van Loosen

address Paktuinen 8, Enkhuizen

Restaurant van Loosen takes you on a journey to new flavors through a renewed cooking vision with seasonal products and ...

category dinerdinerendranken

The Harbour Market

address Compagnieshaven 7, Enkhuizen

The Harbor Market offers you a complete and wide range of daily groceries, so you can relax and enjoy your stay in the b...

category boodschappencompagnieshavenhaven

Huiskamer van Enkhuizen

address Westerstraat 65, Enkhuizen

In the buildings on Westerstraat (Enkhuizen) and Nieuwstraat (Medemblik) you will find the attractive shops of De Huiska...

category cadeaudagbestedinghandgemaakt