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Het Streekbos

For cyclists, the Streekbos is part of the cycle route network. Various walking routes have been plotted on (semi) paved and unpaved walking paths. The LAW Groot-Frieslandpad runs through the Streekbos.

There is a fishing spot that is also accessible to the disabled and an entry and exit point for boats. You can climb up to 11 meters high through the treetops of the Climbing Park. In the Streekbos Pavilion (with a spacious outdoor terrace), you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, a tasty lunch, varied snacks or an extensive dinner of regional products at the IJgenweis restaurant.

Nature organization IVN guarantees a more intense view of flora and fauna or unravel the secrets of the universe at the public observatory Orion. But of course you can also sit under a leafy tree with a good book!