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Nature garden

A small paradise next to the visitor center, in the middle of the Wilhelmina plantation. The nature garden is a piece of wild garden, where plants and animals find a place and where you can enjoy the tranquility. Come into the garden and be inspired. Experience the seasons and the beauty of nature. The garden has playful elements such as winding paths, bridges, hills and a leafy corridor of willows. The nature garden is a living classroom in which the cohesion of nature is central. Fieldwork lessons and field trips with school classes are held here every year. The natural garden is freely accessible during opening hours. Excursions for adults are available upon request. Contact us for the possibilities. The plants, shrubs and trees planted here belong to the native flora; stinzen plants, annual, biennial and perennial plants, shrubs and trees. The native plants have a high natural value. They attract many insects such as bees, butterflies and beetles. These come into the garden to enjoy the nectar. Many insects have a favorite plant to lay their eggs, the hatched caterpillars immediately have the right food. Birds come back to the insects and caterpillars. The litter layer is teeming with small soil animals. Mushrooms grow on the wood chips and tree trunks. The woodgrain, stacked roof tiles and branches, offers (pointed) mice, hedgehogs, birds and insects a shelter and nesting place, just as the pond does for frogs and salamanders. Its location in the middle of the park increases the natural value.