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Escape Tour Enkhuizen

In the year 1785, the battle between the patriots and the royal family supporters reached a peak. Enkhuizen was divided and Albertus Wolvendijk played an important role in this. Albert was seen by the patriots as the worst troublemaker in the city and was therefore responsible for the many demonstrations and fights. He was normally not afraid of anyone, but now he realized that this battle would cost him his life. That is why he decides to flee from Enkhuizen at the last minute, and that is only possible via the secret exit. Escape the city: With the Escape Tour Enkhuizen you will help Albert escape. This is only possible if you solve the riddles, decipher clues and complete all the assignments. With this city game in Enkhuizen you will discover the nicest and unknown places in Enkhuizen. And are you doing it well? Then maybe you deserve a spot on the Wall of Fame! The search starts at the Koepoort, good luck!