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A day of history

No city has as many national monuments within walking distance of each other as Enkhuizen. When you walk through Enkhuizen you really imagine yourself back in time. The legacy of the former Golden Age is visible at every corner.

Enkhuizen is one big open-air museum!

Enkhuizen is also rightly called one big open-air museum. As you walk through this historic Golden Age town you will come across one national monument after another. Enkhuizen has no less than 361 national monuments!

Enkhuizen breathes the atmosphere of the former Zuiderzee era with its illustrious past. On this page we give you an impression of the town and prepare you optimally for a historical day out.

The best tips

Beleef de historie van Enkhuizen

Overview of all monuments
Experience the historic triangle
Sail on a historic ship
Visit the Snouck van Loosen Park
Historical art and culture

Celebrities of the past

Discover the great heroes and heroines of the Golden Age. We all know the world-famous heroes, such as Bernardus Paludanus, Lucas Waghenaer and Jan Huygen Van Linschoten, but what was it like to be a sailor’s wife in those days? Or an “ordinary man,” an average citizen?


The best attractions in Enkhuizen

Discover the best attractions in Enkhuizen and the region.

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Enkhuizen Beleving

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen Experience is there for all your event and group outings. For a fun theme quiz, pub crawl or an exciting game ...

category arrangementengroepen

Lingerie Marijke

address Westerstraat 132, Enkhuizen

Lingerie Marijke is one of the largest specialist lingerie stores in the Netherlands. Lingerie Marijke has lingerie for ...

category binnenstadfashionkleding

Zusje van Tierlantijn

address Westerstraat , Enkhuizen

Opened in 2018 and a success from the start. The little sister of Tierlantijn Wonen.

category binnenstadfashionkleding

Het Monumentje

address Bagijnestraat 4, Enkhuizen

Het Monument is a house in the center of Enkhuizen where you can enjoy the beautiful Zuiderzee town with two people. You...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbinnenstad

Droompark Enkhuizer Beach

address Immerhornweg 15, Enkhuizen

Droompark Enkhuizer Beachis in a prime location right on the water with a sandy beach. Enjoy the beautiful view while en...

category accommodatieaccommodatiesbungalow

Sailingboat The Schuttevaer

address Tussen Twee Havens 1, Enkhuizen

Sail with the authentic sailing ship De Schuttevaer and experience a wonderful day on the water!

category arrangementegroepenIJsselmeer