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Story of a rich culture

In 1932, the Afsluitdijk closed the Zuiderzee from the Wadden Sea and the new inland lake was named ‘IJsselmeer’. The part outside the dike has since been part of the Wadden Sea. The Zuiderzee Museum focuses on the history, current affairs and future of the IJsselmeer area. The themes of water, crafts and communities are central. The outdoor museum with its historic buildings and the indoor museum with its thematic exhibitions together portray this story. Heritage, visual arts, photography and design play an important role in this.

Outdoor museum

Walk back in time a hundred years along the cobblestone streets of the outdoor museum. More than one hundred and forty historic buildings from around the former Zuiderzee form a complete village here. Watch the craftsmen, experience daily life from that time and enjoy the authentic atmosphere. And don’t miss the contemporary design presentations inspired by the living and working of the past. Hungry for history? Then eat a delicious freshly smoked fish at the fish smokehouse.

Indoor museum

The indoor museum is the treasure trove of the Zuiderzee; Here the various collections are presented with a contemporary approach. Dive into a Sea full of stories and experience life on the former Zuiderzee in this interactive exhibition! Admire the large collection of historic boats in the Schepenhal. Curious? See which exhibitions you can currently visit or take a digital walk through the indoor museum with the 360 degree online tour.


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