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The 15th-century St. Pancras or Zuiderkerk is a unique monumental building in the center of the historic city of Enkhuizen. The striking tower is connected to a beautiful church building, in which many cultural-historical treasures can be admired.

That old church is our building, the church of the Protestant community in Enkhuizen, a building that we are proud of. On the outside, a benchmark in the cityscape since time immemorial. But much more on the inside. Where people come together to listen to God’s word, to mourn and celebrate. We want to further develop our church into a center of well-being and reflection. A center where everyone is welcome and feels at home, regardless of background.

You can visit the church as a monument of cultural-historical significance, to attend a service, view an exhibition or attend a concert, but also to rent a space for your event. All options are explained on this website. The oldest ceiling paintings on wood in the Netherlands, the monumental organ from the 16th century, the tombstones and the murals are definitely worth a visit.


  • Saturday11:00 – 17:00