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Interactive Museum Sow to Grow

Did you know that the Netherlands is ‘world champion’ in plant breeding? The Netherlands is one of the most important centers of plant breeding! Plants are vital for humans and animals. For the food supply, the living environment, the climate and the environment. The interactive experience provides insight into seed cultivation and seed trade. From collecting and breeding to propagating, improving and marketing. You will also learn about the companies that are active in the Netherlands and the diversity of functions these companies have to offer. But socially relevant topics such as biodiversity, biotechnology, protection of intellectual property, seed disinfection, etc. are also discussed. Sow to Grow is a must for pupils and students looking to their future and for anyone interested in the origin of our food and the role of plants in the world of today and tomorrow. It is also possible to hold a meeting and get married in the beautiful historic Regentessenkamer.