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Rondje West-Friesland

A beautiful bike ride and along the way you will pick all the edible things that nature offers us and then bake delicious elderflower pancakes. This is possible during the ‘Rondje Westfriesland’ from Enkhuizen train station.

The best time to do this is September to November and May to June. The starting point of the route is Enkhuizen station (junction 30). This cycle route (completely paved) mostly follows the junction route network, with a few exceptions. See directions below.

Route description: Cycling through the characteristic landscape of West Friesland: through VOC towns, along orchards and over dikes.

A beautiful cycling route through the very tip of West Friesland; where the landscape is characterized by fruit orchards, village views over the meadows and of course its location on the Marker and IJsselmeer. This route extends between the characteristic VOC towns of Enkhuizen and Hoorn, where you first cycle through the small-scale landscape and then enjoy the view from the dike.

Starting point 30 >14 >13 >26 > through the Streekbos back towards Kp 13. Before you reach this point, turn left, follow the Weelenpad > at the end, turn left, follow the Kadijkweg > turn right on the other side of the N302. Follow this cycle path until you turn left onto Sluisweg > 48. Follow the road until you cross the railway and the water, then turn right onto Westerwijsd. When the road has changed into the Binnenwijsd, turn right onto Doctor Wijtemalaan to kp 82 > 81 > 64 > 63 (alternative, longer route > 62 > 80 > 67) > 65 > 67 > 9 > 10 > 47 > 28 > 27 > End point 30.

This route has been put together by Landschap Noord-Holland.

Special features: The Streekbos In the Streekbos, you may, in moderation, pick the elders (berries and umbels) and collect walnuts. You can use the elderflower, for example, to bake delicious sweet pancakes. For more information about this area, see: