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Cultural Centre De Drommedaris

The Drommedaris (built in 1540 as a city gate and defense tower) is a unique location in the harbor of Enkhuizen. The ancient tower exudes culture and the walls have a wealth of special stories to tell. De Drom offers a lively stage in all facets of the cultural field in Enkhuizen and the surrounding area that connects, inspires and moves. As a building, De Drom is a landmark that is known far beyond the city walls. The combination of the special building with various activities makes the Drommedaris a unique place. Are you looking for a unique, historic meeting location? This is possible in the most striking building of historic Enkhuizen. De Drom has three rooms on three floors: a bar on the ground floor with a beautiful melon vault, an open-plan theater room on the first floor and a movie theater room on the third floor. Will you soon reach a beautiful age, do you want to celebrate love or a completely different reason? Parties in the Drom are notorious, loved and guarantee a lot of fun.