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De Oude Gouwsboom

The fortress in Enkhuizen has two water gates. One of them is the Oude Gouwsboom. The Oude Gouwsboom is a historic water gate that dates back to the end of the 16th century. The Oude Gouwsboom comes from the period after 1590 and is part of the fortifications of Enkhuizen. Farmers could sail through the Oude Gouwsboom, Boerenboom and Ketenboom from the city canals to the ditches. In the event of danger or high water, the gates were closed with steel shutters. The ‘gate’ to close the gate was last used in World War II, when it was feared that the German occupier would flood West Friesland. The name ‘tree’ comes from the tree trunk that was attached to chains and floated in front of the gate and was taken away if the skipper was allowed inside.