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Brouwerij De Werf

Together with friends, acquaintances, family, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers. Everything in the restaurant revolves around Beer, Food & Fun (BFF). In the attractive tasting room (with a view of the beautiful brewery) you can enjoy home-brewed beers, tasty dishes, various tastings and addictively delicious finger food. A fun night out! “We cook with the seasons and have a great love for local products. Did you know… The residual product of our brews (bostel) is collected by a local farmer who uses it as feed for his cows. The cows that Slagerij GROOT uses to make our burgers for the WHARF BURGER. So the circle is complete again.” Brouwerij De Werf is located in an old shipyard in the middle of the historic city center of Enkhuizen and has a large sunny beer garden on the water, overlooking the old inner harbor of Enkhuizen. “At Brouwerij De Werf we have a clear mission. Brewing great beer. There is one thing that we find even more important. Enjoy it together!”