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” There is always plenty to see in any season at one of Enkhuizen’s fascinating museums. The Flessenscheepjesmuseum and the Zuiderzee Museum are definitely worth a visit! At the Interactive Museum Sow to Grow you can learn more about plant breeding and nutrition. “

Museums in Enkhuizen

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Museums nearby

There is plenty to do in terms of museums in and around Enkhuizen. We highlight a few for you:

The Zuiderzee Museum

The Zuiderzee Museum tells the story of people who used to live by the Zuiderzee. Experience daily life before the Afsluitdijk and experience how people used to live around, with and from the Zuiderzee in an indoor and outdoor museum.

Indoor Museum:

The indoor museum is the treasure chamber of the Zuiderzee. Here you can visit the permanent exhibitions such as ‘Reis rondom de Zuiderzee’ and the Hall of Ships. An ideal excursion for autumn and winter but certainly an extra addition when you visit the outdoor museum in spring or summer!

Outdoor Museum:

Stroll along the cobblestone streets of the Outdoor Museum and step back in time! With more than one hundred and forty historic buildings from places around the former Zuiderzee, the outdoor museum is a village in itself.

Historic triangle Enkhuizen-Medemblik-Hoorn

Between the historic Zuiderzee towns of Hoorn and Medemblik, steam streetcars travel from village to village across the countryside. Between Enkhuizen and Medemblik, the museum ship ‘Friesland’ sails across the IJsselmeer. Step aboard for the Most Exciting Time Trip through the Historical Triangle.

The Little Bottle Ship Museum

At the Flessenscheepjesmuseum you will find the world´s largest collection of ships in bottles and a (video) demonstration of how they are made. The museum is located in a special, historic building: the Spuihuisje.

Sow to Grow
Did you know that the Netherlands is the “world champion” in plant breeding? The Netherlands is one of the most important centers of plant breeding! Plants are vital for humans and animals. For food supply, habitat, climate and the environment.
The interactive experience provides insight into seed cultivation and seed trade. From collecting and breeding to propagating, improving and marketing. In the process, visitors also learn about the companies that are active in the Netherlands and the diversity of functions these companies have to offer.