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Parks and garden

” In addition to the many historic VOC buildings, you can also enjoy plenty of greenery in Enkhuizen, for example in the beautiful Snouck van Loosenpark or the beautifully landscaped Wilhelminaplantsoen. “

Parks and gardens

Welcome to the Julianaplantsoen

The park is located on the site of the old Fisherman’s Harbor north of the Fisherman’s Dyke. The park was laid out in 1934 as part of the labor supply. West of the Wilhelminaplantsoen is the Julianaplantsoen. Seven fountains with bench were donated by the First Day Envelope Enkhuizen Foundation. Feel welcome in the beautiful park!


(Nature) gardens in Enkhuizen and surroundings

Also fun…

Fairytale Wonderland | Ornamental Garden

Sprookjeswonderland is an enchanting park for families or for grandparents with grandchildren. In Fairy Tale Wonderland there is plenty to do, peek inside the gnome houses and sail yourself in the Dobber boats. Pet animals in the petting zoo and slide, spin and swing in the large playground. In the summer months, the one-year-old summer blooms in the flower garden make this park even more rewarding.

Picking Garden

On the grounds of the school garden is the piece of the picking garden. The perennials again provide beautiful flowers, colorful and fragrant. For a small fee, Enkhuizen residents can come and pick their own bunch of flowers there. And sometimes there is so much harvest that some vegetables can be taken home as well. The picking garden is open on Wednesday afternoons during the summer vacations.

Groei & Bloei Enkhuizen

Groei & Bloei organizes fun gardening activities. For example, you can bike along and visit gardens during the garden bike day. Lectures are also held or you can join an excursion to, for example, nurseries. You can learn flower arranging or exchange plants at a swap meet. There is also an annual Open Garden Day.

Hobby and Art Route

Every year the hobby and art route is held in the Boerenhoek in Enkhuizen. During this day you can admire the gardens in the Boerenhoek and artists and hobbyists show their work.
The Boerenhoek is a special place in Enkhuizen. It is one of the few places in our country where cattle and arable farmers had established their businesses within the city walls. With barge and praam they sailed daily to pastures and fields. Their farms, including several national monuments, and barge sheds on the shore are a vivid reminder of that period.

Barefoot Path Gouwe Voeten

What could be more fun than walking barefoot? Just getting back in touch with your body and with the earth. Do you know what it feels like to walk on grass? Or how wooden tree trunks feel? It is an experience for young and old and you can get dirty too! Enjoy a few hours in the fresh air through beautiful nature. Along the way there are several obstacles you can take. Think of walking over tree trunks, a wobble bridge, walking through water or through a reed ditch. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing! You can get wet and dirty from the trail.