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“Enkhuizen offers extensive possibilities for a sailing trip. Almost all ships can be booked not only privately, but also for company outings or meetings, for example. The skippers are happy to think along with you to make your sailing trip as successful as possible.”

Sailing in Enkhuizen

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Information about sailing in Enkhuizen

Botters, cutters, lemsteraken, clippers and tjalks, just a sampling of the large number of ship types for which the brown fleet is a collective name.

The brown fleet

The brown fleet is a collective term for original 19th century ships, mostly with brown sails. These former sailing cargo or fishing vessels are often beautifully restored after a period of decay. In order to initially be able to continue paying the costs of berthing fees and maintenance, skippers decided to rent out their ships for days or vacations. Since then, this has grown into an entirely separate branch of sailing and anything is possible. From an evening’s sailing on the IJsselmeer to several weeks in the direction of the Baltic Sea, everything is possible. Companies like to use the business opportunities, but schools and families also like to sail along.

Information and reservations

Most skippers are affiliated with an umbrella organization where you, the customer, can obtain information and make reservations. This includes Holland Sail in Enkhuizen, among others.

Physical or intellectual disability

Do you or someone in your party have a physical or mental disability? Then you too can enjoy a sailing vacation. Sailwise provides challenging water sports vacations with fully wheelchair accessible ships.

Sailing trip overview

Several skippers also provide their own bookings and information. Almost all ships can be booked not only privately, but also for company outings or meetings, for example. The skippers like to think along with you to make your sailing trip as successful as possible.

-Sailing grand café De Schuttevaer
This ship has outside relaxation of sailing and below deck lots of space and atmosphere in a beautiful art-deco style. It is available for successful day trips for both companies and families.

-Two-masted clipper Nooit Volmaeckt
With the Nooit Volmaeckt you can set sail for a day, weekend, week or longer. Together with your family, circle of friends, company or school, the sailing route can be planned according to your wishes.

-100-year-old tjalk Windbruid
The Windbruid is equipped with all conveniences below deck, but has retained its authentic appearance above deck. Because of its lowerable mast, this tjalk can even sail in Friesland and the Amsterdam canals.

-Three mast topsail schooner Willem Barentsz
The Willem Barentsz with her many sails, white exterior and teak superstructure is a majestic appearance and even an official wedding location. This ship can be at your disposal for a day or part of a day for a party or meeting.

Nautical Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen has much to offer in the nautical field: from new construction to minor maintenance, from sloop to mega yacht, from diesel engine to complete rigging, from design and advice to water sports store, from winter storage to marina.

Under the motto “strong together,” nautical companies in Enkhuizen have established a unique partnership: Nautical Enkhuizen.

Through one website and one phone number, you can now quickly and easily find the water sports company that can be of service to you: / 06-28183399 (all days from 08.00 to 20.00)

So whether it’s about renting a boat or taking sailing lessons, technical assistance because your boat’s heater, engine or autopilot has broken down or when you’re looking for another boat: in Enkhuizen you’ve come to the right place!