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VVV Giftcard

Available at VVV Enkhuizen

The VVV gift card can be redeemed in thousands of stores, webshops and at excursions and charities
which means that the recipient can choose from a world of gifts and endless experiences: from
cookbooks to restaurant visits and from (online) interior design stores to wellness. So with the VVV gift card
you always give a suitable gift!
The VVV gift card is available from €5 in any amount at VVV Enkhuizen.

If you still have a VVV voucher in paper form and would like to have it paid out,
read below how to do this.

Cash out paper VVV Gift Vouchers

You can have your paper VVV Gift Certificate redeemed for cash at VVV Netherlands.

Send the large part of the VVV Gift Voucher to the address below (keep the small part as proof).
Enclosed with the voucher is a bill stating your name, address, zip code, city and IBAN account number.

VVV Netherlands
Department Administration
Papendorpseweg 99
Gebouw A, 4 e floor (unit 4-02)
3528 BJ Utrecht

Binnen twee weken nadat VVV Nederland uw VVV-Cadeaubon heeft ontvangen, wordt het bedrag naar uw rekening overgemaakt.

Let op: de papieren VVV cadeaubon is na uitbetaling niet meer geldig.

Bij vragen kunt u contact opnemen met de klantenservice van VVV Cadeaukaarten via:

– 030 – 307 41 00