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Jazz Festival in Enkhuizen

Swing along with Jazz Festival Enkhuizen!

During the Jazz Festival Enkhuizen, national and international promising and traditional jazz musicians will come together for three days in Enkhuizen. With the old town center as historical backdrop, unique events will take place from Friday through Sunday. For years, local, national and international toppers from the world of traditional jazz have gathered in the Haringstad, for a long weekend full of atmospheric and steamy jazz.

Program Friday, June 2

Jazz and Swing Night

20:00-01:00 hours
The Station & Brewery de Werf

The bar is immediately set high on opening night. Don’t miss the Jazz & Swing Night on June 2!

Program Saturday, June 3

Junior Jazz
13:00 – 15:30 hours
Westerstraat, Enkhuizen

Saturday City Jazz
11:00-20:00 hours
Enkhuizen inner city

Senior Jazz
14:00-16:00 hrs.
The New Target

Pub Crawl
21:00-00:00 hrs.
Het Station, Drombar, Brouwerij de Werf, Bubbels, De Enckhuyser, Van Bleiswijk, Hotel Snouck van Loosen, Irish Pub The Dubliner & Café Bok (Het Wapen van Urk)

Program Sunday, June 4

Gospel & Glory Celebration
10:00-11:30 a.m.
Western Church

Swingin’ Sunday
14:00-19:00 hours
Wharf Brewery

Ticket sales

Some of the events are free to attend and some require a ticket. Get your tickets for the Kroegentocht or Swingin’ Sunday at the Docks, for example, at the points of sale in Enkhuizen town center. The outlets are:
Meiden van De Wit Kids & Conceptstore
Primera Enkhuizen

You can also order tickets online!


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