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Day out in Westfriesland

Discover Westfriesland

Westfriesland is completely surrounded by the oldest dike of the Netherlands; the Westfriese Omringdijk. The 126-kilometer monument runs through the historic towns of Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Alkmaar, Schagen and Medemblik back to Enkhuizen. Within the Omringdijk there is a lot to discover. For example, go to the museum, zoo, climbing park or playground. In Westfriesland there is plenty to experience for surprising days out!

Discover the secrets behind the dike, discover and experience Westfriesland!


Alkmaar is known as the cheese city of the Netherlands. In the summer months during the cheese market, you can see the special spectacle of lugging cheese carriers on the Waagplein. In the Dutch Cheese Museum you will discover the rich history of cheese. You will also find plenty of monuments and nice stores in the beautiful old center of Alkmaar. Approximately 45 kilometers from Enkhuizen.


Andijk, at ten kilometers in length, is one of the longest villages in the Netherlands. As the name suggests, this beautiful village is located “on the dike” between Enkhuizen and Wervershoof. In hat museum Zet ‘m Op, Wil Gorter opens her hat collection of about 400 hats to the public. About 8 kilometers from Enkhuizen.

Broek op Langedijk

Broek op Langedijk’s biggest attraction is Museum BroekerVeiling. At this oldest fairway auction in the world, fruits and vegetables are brought in and auctioned by boats, just like in the old days. The fun part is that you can buy your own vegetables. About 43 kilometers from Enkhuizen.


Bovenkarspel is traditionally an agricultural village. Mainly flower bulbs and horticultural products are grown there. But you can also have an active day out. Enjoy climbing and clambering in climbing park Streekbos or walk the barefoot path Gouwe Voeten. Do you prefer shopping? You can do that in the cozy indoor shopping center Streekhof. About 3 kilometers from Enkhuizen.



In a sea of meadows lies the former fishing village of Kolhorn. Picturesquely situated behind the dike, it is not difficult to imagine that this was once a port town on the Zuiderzee. Quite rightly, Kolhorn is now a nationally protected village sight. Museum De Tufschuur cherishes the glorious past of Kolhorn. Approximately 35 kilometers from Enkhuizen.


Hoorn experienced its glory days in the 17th century, when it was one of the most important centers for the Dutch East India Company. The Westfries Museum shows you the city’s past, while the Museum of the Twentieth Century is a feast of recognition for the older youngsters among us. The Museum Steam Tram Hoorn-Medemblik will take you on a journey through time. About 20 kilometers from Enkhuizen.


Lutjebroek sounds like a small village, and it is. Lutje means “small” and Broek means “swampy land. Lutjebroek is often used as a place with nothing to do. But nothing could be further from the truth! Pick your own fruit at ‘t Keetje or visit the organic sheep farm De Schapenstreek. About 5.5 kilometers from Enkhuizen.


In this oldest town in West Friesland you imagine yourself in times long gone. In addition to Radboud Castle, the bakery museum De Oude Bakkerij and the Steam Engine Museum are also worth a visit. The Museum Steam Tram arrives at Medemblik station during the season. About 18 kilometers from Enkhuizen.


This village is not for Eigenheimers, as it is known for the tastiest potato around: the Opperdoezer Ronde. But the village has more to offer than potatoes. At Imkerij De Bijenstal you can learn all about the wonderful world of the bee. About 18 km from Enkhuizen.


On an old mound, along the west side of the Westfriese Omringdijk, lies Schagen. Culture buffs step inside the Vreeburg Farm and Carriage Museum or Regionaal Museum 1940-1945. During the Westfriese Folklore you can marvel at a colorful parade of historic vehicles and Westfriese costumes. Approximately 43 kilometers from Enkhuizen.


Camels, zebras, capuchin monkeys and exotic parrots in the North Holland polder? In the Van Blanckendaell Park almost seventy animal species roam around. And the small village has another big attraction: the Holle Bolle Boom. Here you will find an indoor playground, an outdoor playground and a real tropical water playground. Approximately 43 kilometers from Enkhuizen.


Waarland originated on a number of islets, around which new land on the water was gradually reclaimed. In addition, Waarland has one of the largest butterfly gardens in Europe and is surrounded by a number of beautiful and wetlands. About 38 kilometers from Enkhuizen.

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