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New children’s treasure hunt Enkhuizen

For sleuths and Curious Eagles

Discover Enkhuizen with a fun scavenger hunt. Especially for elementary school children, we have a ‘Kraak de code-route’ which sends you along special places in Enkhuizen. As well as fun questions and tasks, there are also all kinds of fun facts. Adults can also learn something from it. For example, did you know that there is a ‘secret’ gate between the town jail and the town hall? And that in the Snouck van Loosenpark there is a tree named after an instrument?

During the route of about two kilometers you collect all the answers. Sometimes you have to search or count carefully and for other questions the answer is written down somewhere. After about an hour and a half of walking and searching you will be back at the starting point and you can try to crack the secret code.

Did you succeed in cracking the code? Then you can pick up your tracking diploma at the tourist office.

Got curious?

‘Crack the code Enkhuizen’ is on sale for €3.50 at VVV Enkhuizen. Here you can also collect your detective diploma afterwards.

The scavenger hunt is also available at:
Primera Enkhuizen (Westerstraat 105)
Meiden van De Wit (Westerstraat 60)