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National Outdoor Play Day

June 8 is National Outdoor Play Day, an initiative of Jantje Beton and Nickelodeon. Playing outside is super important, but is becoming less and less obvious. This is the afternoon we celebrate what is so important: playing outside! Will you join us? In Enkhuizen there is lots to do!

Children's hiking trail

Dwarf Berend’s children’s trail is a fun and educational scavenger hunt for children ages 3 and up. Along the way you search for the round signs with a gnome on it.

At the tourist office you can pick up a free package, including a gnome’s hat and a magnifying glass for along the way. As long as supplies last.

Longest hopscotch track

At the Zuiderzee Museum, you can participate in the record attempt to make the longest hopscotch track in the Netherlands. The current record stands at 722 meters and 75 centimeters, made with sidewalk chalk. Together with students from elementary schools in the area, we will try to set a new record of no less than 900 meters! Will you come and hop around the outdoor museum too?

Free entry

Of course, Playground Children’s Joy is also participating. How wonderful is it for children to have fun outside with other children? The whole day is free admission for everyone!