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Delicious food and drink

In the historic center of the city and on the waterfront you will find plenty of cozy and surprising places to eat and drink. For every moment, for every taste and for every wallet. All catering establishments are pleasantly close together and many restaurants have a nice terrace. Wherever you settle down, you will receive a warm and hospitable welcome!

Lunch on a terrace

Our top 5 for a delicious lunch on a cozy patio!

– Onder de Wester

– Rijksmagazijn

– Het Station

– De Mastenbar

– Drombar

Fish, fish and more fish

Enkhuizen city of landlubbers and sailors, surrounded on three sides by water. You should be able to eat a delicious fish there…. You certainly can!

Our top 5:

– Vishandel Van der Veen/De Oude Rokerij

– De Mastenbar

– De Enkhuizer Visafslag

– Vishandel Peter Visser

– Pakhuis 62

Tip from a local:

“For the ultimate vacation feeling you have to go to De Mastenbar. You have a fantastic view over the IJsselmeer. a lovely spacious terrace with a nice lounge area and really super delicious food.”

Pizza and pasta

In Enkhuizen you can enjoy delicious Italian food. The pizzas and pastas are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients and Italian products.

Check out our top 3 here:

-Pizzeria Da Renato

-Porto Vecchio

-Domino’s Pizza

Our Tip:

“For an enchanting touch of abroad, walk into Elsem, our Lebanese caterer. Delicious dishes and appetizers with the most wonderful names and flavors from 1001 nights.”

Coffee with some goodies

In the mood for coffee with some goodies or a “coffee to go”? Here are our tips:

– Het Coffy-Huys

– Rijksmagazijn

– Het Station

Beer & Bites

Home-brewed Enkhuizer beers, various tastings and addictively delicious finger foods. Our top 3:

-Brouwerij De Werf

-Herberg De Compagnie

-Schipperscafé ‘t Ankertje