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Enkhuizen opens its doors

The tourist season can begin!

The beginning of spring means the start of the tourist season in Enkhuizen. From 1 April, the VVV office in Enkhuizen will therefore open its doors daily again and you can go there for information about the town and region, fun city walks and tickets for Zuiderzee Museum and ferry services. In the well-stocked store you can buy nice gifts and souvenirs. New to the assortment is a cookie mold of the Drommedaris, developed especially for VVV Enkhuizen and produced locally. A special test team tried out the mold this week, you can see and taste the result on Saturday: for every (paying) customer there is a free Drom cookie.

Party at the Zuiderzee Museum

The Outdoor Museum will also reopen to the public on Saturday. The Zuiderzee Museum will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2023. Therefore, the streets and bridges in the Outdoor Museum are decorated and you can enjoy numerous festive activities. The Museum puts the spotlight on three major, traditional folk festivals that are still celebrated annually: King’s Day on Marken, the Flower Parade in Vollenhove and the fair in Lutjebroek. Experience the real festive atmosphere around the former Zuiderzee.

Playground and Fairy Tale Wonderland open again

Starting Saturday, children can once again enjoy themselves to their hearts’ content in Playground Kindervreugde. The past few months have been hard work to get everything spick and span again on time. Fairytale Wonderland starts the season a few days later, on Friday, April 7. The park is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and is still a magical place where children can immerse themselves in the world of fairy tales and fantasy.

New exhibition at the Bottle Ship Museum

Starting Saturday, the Bottle Ship Museum presents a new exhibition called “What Went Wrong. It is the story of bottle ship builders who turn out to be real go-getters and bottle ships with special stories. A builder who made a mistake in the size (so that the masts could not stand upright), a fire in a bottle that was almost finished, a bottle ship with a sea tug that was on its way to a ship in distress and had to be rescued itself, the Muidens ghost ship… A fascinating exhibition you don’t want to miss!