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Homemade in Enkhuizen

In the town center you will find many nice specialty stores where you can buy original Enkhuizen products. You can buy the one and only Enkhuizer Almanak at the bookshop, Primera and the VVV, and for the delicious Enkhuizer krentenmik you can go to bakker Rood. Here you will find great tips for enjoying your visit to Enkhuizen at home!

Enkhuizer Merakel

At Echte Bakker ‘t Broodhuys, quality is paramount. They are recognized Guild members and may call themselves Echte Bakker. The Enkhuizer Merakel and the light crispy Enkhuizer egg cakes are loved far beyond the country’s borders. But not only the artisanal products are tasteful and special, the building is also worth a mention. It is probably the oldest preserved stone residential house in North Holland above the IJ River. The house with a richly decorated stepped gable must have been one of the main houses when it was built, around 1540.

Enkhuizer krentenmik & jodekoek

Bakker Rood is located in the beautiful, old center of Enkhuizen. In the attractive store you can see how all products in the open bakery are freshly prepared daily. The bakers bake more than 40 different types of bread and many delicious pastries. Bakker Rood is also known for its Enkhuizer specialties such as the Enkhuizer krentenmik, the sprayed-on jodekoek, an Abraham and Sara and Enkhuyzer pastries. But you can also come here for freshly made sandwiches. These, like the bread and pastries, can also be delivered.

Enkhuyser Huismelange

In the cozy center of Enkhuizen, you will find the Coffy-Huys. The beautiful facade alone makes you curious about the contents of this VOC building. A cozy store for fresh coffee, more than 150 kinds of (loose) tea, artisanal chocolates, lots of goodies and tableware from Blond Amsterdam and Pip studio. There is also a bar where all the goodies can be tasted, with delicious homemade apple pie. As a memento of Enkhuizen, the Coffy Huys has created its own coffee blend; the Enkhuyser Huismelange. Nice to give as a gift!

Home-brewed beer

An old shipyard in the middle of Enkhuizen’s historic town center houses brouwerij De Werf. Here, delicious beers are brewed and life is celebrated. At the Werf, everything revolves around Beer, Food & Fun (BFF).

Beer Garden
Hidden behind the brewery and tasting room of brewery de Werf, you will find one of the best spots in Enkhuizen for drinks, comfort food and super nice views of the harbor.

Self-brewed beer to take home? The Candyshop (you’ll find it in the tasting room) is full of funky bottles, gift packs and other merchandise.

Enkhuizer herbal bitters

In one of the most beautiful streets of Enkhuizen (the Dijk) you will find liquor store slijterij De Dijk. The beautiful building houses a large assortment of wine, whiskey and various spirits. You can choose from various wines in different price ranges; from a simple house wine to very exclusive wines. You will also find the delicious, unadulterated Enkhuizer herbal bitters. Nice to take home as a souvenir of Enkhuizen. Slijterij De Dijk can also arrange your (home) party, reception or corporate event.

Enkhuizer Almanac

The Enkhuizer Almanac is a small almanac published annually. The almanac contains information about the coming year, such as an extensive calendar with holidays and markets, astronomical data (rising times of sun and moon, times of ebb and flow) and weather forecasts. It also contains general items such as folk tales and trivia and other forms of folklore. The almanac is available at Primera, Stumpel and the tourist office.

Old Enkhuyser regional cheese

De Graaff van Enckhuysen is a specialty cheese and delicatessen store located in the historic center of Enkhuizen. Over the years, the range of cheese and delicacies has been supplemented by various specialties. A large department with daily freshly roasted nuts, a rich assortment of artisanal chocolates, a well-stocked tapas bar and olive oil from the barrel, in short: too much to mention.

Drom cookie mold

Make your own Drom cookies. Drom delicious! The Drommedaris is by far the most famous building in Enkhuizen. The sturdy fortified tower has had many different functions, from prison to post office. Whether cookies were also baked there, we do not know. We do know that you can make them now. This one and only Drom cookie mould is available exclusively from the VVV Enkhuizen tourist information office. The cookie mould was specially made locally for us by Tamara Hogenhout of InnoCourse. They are available for only 4.95 euros! Nice to give and to get!