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Historical navigational chart

New boating map for historic sailing route Stede Broec and Enkhuizen

Municipalities Stede Broec and Enkhuizen are releasing a boating map for a historic sailing route through their municipalities. The sailing map shows the sailing routes and tells the story of the historical waterways and the traces they have left in the current landscape.

The municipality of Stede Broec has traditionally had dozens of waterways right through its residential areas. These waterways are connected to those in the municipality of Enkhuizen. The waterways used to have an important function for farmers and market gardeners. Nowadays, boating in Stede Broec and Enkhuizen is one of the most popular leisure activities of residents and visitors during the summer months.

Historical stories during sailing trip
The fact that there are so many waterways in Stede Broec and Enkhuizen has everything to do with the (agricultural) past. The former Zuiderzee has also left its traces in the current landscape around Stede Broec and Enkhuizen. Alderman Nico Slagter of Stede Broec: “Yet this past is relatively unknown to many residents and visitors. Therefore, with the new boating map we offer short historical stories that are fun to read before and during a boating trip.”

The connection of the waterways between the two municipalities also makes it possible to reach the water inside Enkhuizen’s ramparts. Mayor Eduard van Zuijlen of Enkhuizen: “People can discover from the water elements that are characteristic of the development of Enkhuizen and the area around it. It is nice that the stories about these can be found on the boating map.”

Handing over boating map
Stichting Marketing Enkhuizen was commissioned by the municipalities of Stede Broec and Enkhuizen to produce the boating map. In doing so, the foundation worked closely with the historical societies Oud Stede Broec and Oud Enkhuizen. On Thursday, June 24, 2021, the Marketing Enkhuizen Foundation, together with representatives of Oud Stede Broec and Oud Enkhuizen, handed the sailing map to Alderman Slagter and Mayor Van Zuijlen.

Distribution map

The boating map is available at various tourist information points (including VVV Enkhuizen), harbor offices and various recreational operators including catering establishments.

Download the boating map here.